It's short video about my trip on the Iceland, in February and March 2014.

We had so much fun there and I hope this small piece will show a little bit of that. This is my first video in this character - travel one. I made it on Canon 100D (yeah, this small one) with super old kit from my analogue camera - Canon 28-90 mm f/4-5.6 (yeah, this plastik one).

And the music is amazing positive Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub. When I hear it, I remember all this journey. So thank you all for inspiration! I recommend - so badly - the trip to the Iceland!

Video by Paulina Wierzgacz
Starring: Martyna Chomacka, Alicja Jaworska, Katarzyna Wojtiuk

travel clip, Iceland, 2014, ’03″00

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