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Fjords Collection I Lightroom Desktop Presets

€28.00 EUR

This package includes different variations around one set of three of my Lightroom colour presets. It is perfect for gloomy, moody situations, cloudy days, low contrast situations, all with my northern colouring touch.

The pack has a total of 12 Lightroom Presets.

Please keep in mind that all images are shot using different lighting, setups, tone and colour situations, so the presets will most likely have to be adjusted to perfect fit. At least I do recommend to adjust an exposure and white balance.

All my presets work with Adobe Lightroom Desktop and are in .lrtemplate format. 
I attach the instruction how to install presets as well.

With each purchased Preset Pack you will bring me closer to made my dream about my own van come true ❤ 

I’d love to see your work using my presets! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@vryga) and tag your photos #fjordpresets when posting your images with Fjord presets on Instagram.


Presets FAQ

What software do I need?

Fjord Collection Presets are made for Adobe Lightroom. You can get it at 

How to install the presets?

You will be provided with an instruction on how to install them on your computer. I have included a PDF document in the pack, that will explain everything.

The best way is to go into Lightroom and click the program menu at the top. Select "Preferences", then go to the Presets Tab and look for the "Show Lightroom presets folder" button. Once you have the folder "Developed Presets" open, just copy the downloaded presets into that folder and restart Lightroom. I do recommend to copy the whole folder as it will be easier to organize the workspace and have all presets archived in proper folder. 


How to use Presets? 

To have the best results, I suggest to take photos in RAW files. Then, you can easily import your files to Adobe Lightroom and apply a selected preset.

Will these work on my photos?

Each camera has different settings. Also, lenses make different toning and photos are taken in different light. So the results will be different. Even though on my photos I always use almost the same family of presets, I still need to adjust them every time.

You will need to make some small adjustments, however main colouring and tone set will be the same, despite you will not make changes by yourself.


Where do I get the files?

Once you have bought them in my store, You will be given a download link. Please make sure to download this on your computer and not your phone.

Please note, that a personal download link will automatically expire 60 days after purchase.


Please make sure you purchase the correct pack as all sales are final and are non refundable. 

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