Is Beautifully for Alicja Jaworska

Is Beautifully

Featuring Alicja Jaworska

Directed, shot, sound and edited by Paulina Wierzgacz
Music "Pretty Little Dog" by Shake That Little Foot
Translated by Michał Smektała

Special thanks to Mateusz Bral and Camera Nera Studios for their help. 
Without you guys, this project wouldn't happen. Thank you for your precious equipment.

This project was realised as a diploma series at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw in Media Persuasion Workshop concred by professor Wiesław Gołuch, assistance professor Dr. Maja Wolińska and assistance professor Dr. Jakub Jernajczyk.

Life becomes meaningful only when a person is passionate about something. Fulfilling your passion gives you the ability to achieve more, broaden your horizons. When you follow your heart, it improves you as a person. This is a series which takes you on a journey through passion, through the eyes and from the perspective of the narrator, who is an amazing girl.

documentary, Poland, 2014, ’04″32

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