Krakow Experience


Video was created with cooperation with Department of Promotion and Tourism of the City of Krakow as a part of the project "Kraków Experience"

Production: Bloceania
Shoot & edit by Paulina Wierzgacz
Aerial shoots: Andrzej Budnik 

Alicja Rapsiewicz i Andrzej Budnik - Los Wiaheros
Anita Demianowicz
Anna, Thomas, Hanna i Mila Alboth - The Family Without Borders

During this project we were in many amazing places like viewpoint in Tyniec - Piekarskie Rocks, The Bednarski Park, green fields around Liban Stone-pit, Krak's Mound, Zakrzówek, The Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experience, Cat's Cafe Kociarnia, The Stained Glass Museum, Wisla Boulvar, Plants, Sandomierska Tower, Main Square and many other inspiring places.

documentary, Poland, 2013, ’02″35

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