Wroclaw. Krec Wroclaw

Made by Valeria Cocco, Krystian Forberger, Lukasz Srodka and Paulina Wierzgacz 
Written by Lukasz Srodka
Music: Dominik Srodka 
Voice: Krzysztof Dziuba 
Text: Jerzy Grotowski

"Wroclaw" is a short film that won the 1st Award of the Jury in the competition for the best short film about Wroclaw "Kreci Cie Wroclaw? Krec Wroclaw!”.

According to the Jury "the winning film is distinguished by the quality of content and images, as one of the few has a cinematic structure, goes beyond the concept of a postcard form. The creators have worked on the idea, the script and execution. They perfectly responded to the brief, showing their own impression of Wroclaw, humanizing it in a literal and metaphorical way."

Other awards: 2nd People's Choice Award and a Special Award by the ATM Grupa in the competition for the best short film about Wroclaw.

documentary, Poland, 2013, ’01″05

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