Making of PIONA – Lawina

Performer: PIONA
Title: Lawina feat. Ptakova
Music: Igor Fleiszer, Tomek Rawski
Words: Ptakova
Mix: Rafal Malicki
Performed by: Ptakova

Written, directed and edited by Marta Kacprzak 
Shoots by Damian Kramski
Assistant to the operator: Paulina Wierzgacz
Make up: Anna Beata Wasilewska
Light: FlyFilm Studio Krzysztof Gąsiorowski 
Post-production: Marta Kacprzak
Project Manager: Asia Rawska / Kayax
Backstage: Paulina Wierzgacz

Thanks to: Asia Rawska, Tomek Rawski, Igor Fleiszer, Ewa Stefanowicz, Paulina Wierzgacz, Agata Reclaf, Marcin Marzec, Łukasz Mateusiak

Igor Fleiszer and Tomek Rawski, a duo of Warsaw producers, remixers and DJs. First EP's will debut in autumn, but the single "Avalanche" promotes them, has already gained many fans and many positive reviews. See how the video for this song was made! "Avalanche" available in MP3 and streaming.

Pioneer supports Electronic Beats - T-Mobile music program

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