Studio Matejka

Directed by Valeria Cocco
Cinematography: Paulina Wierzgacz
Editing: Valeria Cocco, Paulina Wierzgacz
Music: Daniel Han

This short documentary - commissioned by the Grotowski Institute - depicts work carried out by Studio Matejka during one of their workshops held in Brzezinka, Poland. Apart from being a witness of every day's experience that actors from all over the world live at the Grotowski Institute's forest base, our aim was specifically to capture the way their method combines movement, dance and acting techniques in order to articulate what they call 'physical words'.

Studio Matejka is a physical theater laboratory, exploring 21st century performance techniques, especially the ones working across the borders between performance genres, training techniques, as well as individual expression and collective resonance. For more information on their work and achievements you can visit their website:

documentary, Poland, 2013, ’09″16

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